Past dishes 2017...

the listing

Miranda Mulholland
with John Murry

Big Joe Louis

Florence Joelle

big girls

Wed 19th Apr
Sat 1st Apr
Wed 29th Mar
Wed 22nd Mar
Sat 18th Mar
Wed 15th Mar
Wed 8th Mar
Sun 5th Mar
Sat 4th Mar
Wed 1st Mar
Wed 22th Feb
Sat 18th Feb
Wed 8th Feb
Sun 5th Feb
Sat 4th Feb
Wed 1st Feb
Wed 25th Jan
Wed 18th Jan
Wed 11th Jan
Sat 7th Jan
Wed 4th Jan

Case Hardin / Ida Wenoe
John Murry / Dan Raza
King Size Slim:Sound / Holler For Mary
Vera van Heeringen / John Wheatley
thelightshines / Dark Globes
Porchlight Smoker / The Extraordinaires
Ella Flame & The Nighthawks / Big Joe Louis
Michael Chapman / Michael J Sheehy @ The Union Chapel
The Bad Breed / Das Fenster And The Alibis Wed 1st Mar
The Most Ugly Child / Luke Whittemore
Marty O'Reilly / Whom By Fire / Dylan Earl
Big Girls / James Brute / Ty Stone
The Steve & Ben Somers Country Band / Fierce Flowers
Dana Immanuel And The Stolen Band / Thom Ashworth @ The Union Chapel
Steven James Adams & The French Drops / The Roves
TriccaMcniff / Black*Scarr
Miranda Mulholland / Thom Ashworth / John Murry
The Alan Tyler Show
King David's Trio Royal / Doc Bowling & Mlle Chat Noir Blues
Big Joe Louis
Florence Joelle / Professor Baba & His Invisible Band

Michael Chapman

Ella Flame &
The Nighthawks

King Size Slim

Past dishes 2017...

... rockin' country fried music...