Past dishes 2017...

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The Nurses

The Men Who Fell To Earth

Roamin' Jasmin

Danny Champ

Otis Gibbs

Miranda Mulholland
with John Murry

Big Joe Louis

Florence Joelle

big girls

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The Penny Black Remedy / Margo Cilker
The Lords Of Thyme / John Stammers
The Fast Camels/ Professor Baba And His Invisible Band
Errol Linton Band / Les Saules Pleureurs
Fargo Railroad Co.
Thin Wire Fence / Clockwork Carousel
The Dead Brothers / Paul-Ronney Angel / DJ Scratchy Sounds
Oh! Gunquit / The Nurses
John Craigie / Tom Blackwell
The Dog Roses / Pepe Belmonte Band
The Dials / The Men Who Fell to Earth
Stick In The Wheel / MarisaJack&Davy
The Hot Snake Time Machine / Dark Globes
Steve Hooker / Breadfoot
Summerhill / The Lucky Strikes / Rich Webb Band
James The Fang & Serious Sam Barrett / Dan Raza
The Midnight Union Band / Das Fenster & The Alibis
Paul-Ronney Angel & Friends / King Size Slim
John E Vistic RockNRollSoundSystem / Hot Snake Time Machine
Portable Radio / Richard Olson / thelightshines
Moonshine Wagon / Whom By Fire
Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band / Hannah Aldridge
Danny George Wilson / Don Gallardo / The Alan Tyler Show /
Norton Money / Steven James Adams / Luke Tuchscherer / The Treetop
Flyers / King Size Slim
Massy Ferguson / Hymn For Her
Martin Carthy / MG Boulter
Leytonstone Orient Fans Trust Fund Raiser with Graham Larkbey
& The Escape Committee / The Dog Roses / Steve White & The
Protest Family / The New Normal
The Roamin' Jasmine / Ben Smith & Jimmy Brewer
Sam Baker
Miranda Lee Richards / Arborist
Otis Gibbs / Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes
Cowbell / The Love Me Tenders
Gal Holiday & The Honky Tonk Revue / Christian Kjellvander
James Brute / Aullido Atomico
The Rockingbirds / Moss Clarkson
John E Vistic Rocknroll Soundsystem / Bridport Dagger
Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls/ Paul-Ronney Angel / Jonah Kraut
The Rosellys / Hannah Rose Platt / Benjamin Folke Thomas
Clockwork Carousel / Snakerattlers
Hope In High Water / Robert Chaney & Laura Tenschert / Slow Leaves
Baton Bleu / Rachel Dean & Tim Gray
The Coal Porters / Ben Smith & Jimmy Brewer / Phil 'Swill' Odgers
Galley Beggar / Holler For Mary
Harrow Fair / The Diamond Family Archive
Norton Money / MG Boulter
Ted Russell Kamp / CALICO THE BAND / Jim And Sam
Case Hardin / Ida Wenoe
John Murry / Dan Raza
King Size Slim:Sound / Holler For Mary
Vera van Heeringen / John Wheatley
thelightshines / Dark Globes
Porchlight Smoker / The Extraordinaires
Ella Flame & The Nighthawks / Big Joe Louis
Michael Chapman / Michael J Sheehy @ The Union Chapel
The Bad Breed / Das Fenster And The Alibis s
The Most Ugly Child / Luke Whittemore
Marty O'Reilly / Whom By Fire / Dylan Earl
Big Girls / James Brute / Ty Stone
The Steve & Ben Somers Country Band / Fierce Flowers
Dana Immanuel And The Stolen Band / Thom Ashworth @ The Union Chapel
Steven James Adams & The French Drops / The Roves
TriccaMcniff / Black*Scarr
Miranda Mulholland / Thom Ashworth / John Murry
The Alan Tyler Show
King David's Trio Royal / Doc Bowling & Mlle Chat Noir Blues
Big Joe Louis
Florence Joelle / Professor Baba & His Invisible Band

Pepe Belmonte

Oh! Gunquit

Don Gallardo

Martin Carthy

Jo Carley

Baton Bleu

Michael Chapman

Ella Flame &
The Nighthawks

King Size Slim

Past dishes 2017...

... rockin' country fried music...