...Past dishes 2014...

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Little George Sueref

Danny George Wilson

Otis Gibbs

Alan Tyler

The Severed Limb

The Bekini Beach Band

Mr Plow

The Surgeons

Darren Haymen

Mr Molinari

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Little George Sueref / Steve Somers
The Coal Porters / Anna Lucas & The Wonders
The Curst Sons / TG Elias
Peter O'Brien's Birthday Spectacular with Danny George Wilson
with Chris Clarke & Paul Lush / Wes McGhee & John Gordon /
Starry Eyed & Laughing / The Turning
The Corn Potato String Band / Ryan O'Reilly
Miraculous Mule / The August List
Luke Tuchscherer & The Penny Dreadfuls / Reid Jamieson &
Carolyn Victoria Mill
The Epstein / Viarosa @ The Union Chapel
Trent Miller & The Skeleton Jive / We Are Dust
Cowbell / The Mobbs
The Ramshackle Union Band / Felix Holt & The Radicals
Rick Shea / The Good Intentions
Otis Gibbs / Hubert Murry @ The Union Chapel
The Dreaming Spires / thelightshines
The Alan Tyler Show
The Hallelujah Trails / Simon Stanley Ward @ The Union Chapel
The Bikini Beach Band / The Action Men
Orphan Colours / Balloon Ascents
The Most Ugly Child / Thin Wire Fence / Mr Plow
Hatful of Rain / Ben Hall
The Coal Porters / Luke Tuchscherer
King Size Slim / The Kitchen Drinkers @ The Union Chapel
The Hot Rock Pilgrims / Blair Jollands
The Ted Army
Beverly Smith & John Grimm / Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings
Morton Valence / The Tender Hips
Oh! Gunquit / Andy Twyman
The Dog Roses / Olly Wills (The Epstein)
Benjamin Folke Thomas Band / Kitchen Drinkers
The Snakes / Boss Caine
Simon Stanley Ward / Benedict Rubinstein (The Mariners Children)
/ Robert Hacker (Morton Valence)
The Rainbow Girls / Marty O’Reilly & The Old Soul Ocrchestra
What's Cookin's 7th Annual Leytonstone Festival Sunday Picnic
Urban Voodoo Machine / Miraculous Mule / Dan Raza & The Shrouds
Yngve & The Innocent / The Lucky Strikes / Oh! Gunquit /
The Dog Roses / Graham Larkbey & The Escape Committee
Little George Sueref
Danny George Wilson / Sugar Magnolia
Steven James Adams / Tout @ The Union Chapel
Truckstop Honeymoon / Don Gallardo
Rebecca Pronsky & Rich Bennett / MC Hansen
Delaney Davidson / The Penny Black Remedy (Acoustic)
Dan Beaulaurier / Mahoney & The Moment
The Ramshackle Union Band / Dennis Ellsworth
The Fast Camels / The Hanging Stars
The Corn Potato String Band / Hubert Murray
Sam Baker
Dan Raza & The Shrouds / Davey James @ The Union Chapel
The Brainiac 5 / Simon Onions / Son Of Buff
King Automatic / JD Smith
WHAT'S COOKIN' IS 10 YEARS! with; The Treetop Flyers /
Redlands Palomino Co. / Steven James Adams / Simon Onions
Morgan O'Kane / Ash Gray
The Severed Limb / The Dalston Devil Trio
Florence Joelle / Paul-Ronney Angel @ The Union Chapel
SatJoe Buck Yourself / Billy Vincent
Trent Miller & The Skeleton Jive / Sugar Magnolia
Oh! Gunquit / Cowbell
Morton Valance / Tout
Yngve & The Innocent / Davey James
Evie Ladin & Keith Terry / Stick In The Wheel
The Hightown Crows / Paul-Ronney Angel
Dan Raza & The Shrouds / Huck
The Green Rock River Band / Serious Sam Barrett
Reg Meuross / Paul Handyside @ The Union Chapel
Florence Joelle / Davey James
Scowlin Owl / Maria Byrne
Mark & The Clouds / Stiv Cantarelli & The Silent Strangers
The Benjamin Folke Thomas Birthday Revue with Simon Onions /
Beans on Toast / Jack Day / Laura & Lorraine / Greg Harrisburg /
Simon Stanley-Ward & more
The Cajun Dawgs / The Blazing Zoos
The Trailer Trash Orchestra / The President Lincoln
The Coal Porters / Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou @ The Union Chapel
King Salami & The Cumberland Three / Serious Sam Barrett
Simon Stanley-Ward Band / The Suburban Dirts
The Ragged Out String Band
Miraculous Mule / Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
Dai & The Ramblers / Davey James
The Devout Sceptics / Cardinal Wino
Morton Valence / The Kitchen Drinkers @ The Union Chapel
Limozine / Snakeoil Rattlers
The Curst Sons / The Hallelujah Trails
Frank Fairfield / Harry Harris
Graham Larkbey & The Escape Committee / Hubert Murray
Little George Sueref / Simon Onions / Ben Folke Thomas

Past dishes 2014...

... rockin' country fried music...