Past dishes 2015...

the listing

Steve White and
the Protest Family

Tht Snake Oil Rattlers

Stick in the Wheel

Frank Cineli

Gal Holiday and
the Honky Tonk Revue

King Salami

Steven James Adams

Oh! Gunquit

Severed Limb

Rob Heron &
The Teapad Orchestra

Little George Sueref

The Hot rock Pilgrims

Hank Wangford

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Little George Sueref / Simon Onions
Steve White & The Protest Family / Graham Larkbey
& The Escape Committee
Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind / The Sweat
Miss Jackson and The Slap Ya Mama Big Band / Jenney Wren
& Her Borrowed Wings
The Roamin' Jasmine (USA) / Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls
The Snake Oil Rattlers / The Montgomerys
Morton Valence / Curse Of Lono
The Treetop Flyers / Michael J Sheeny / Luke Tuchscherer
@ The Union Chapel
Norton Money / Mike Perrett
Lynched / Stick In The Wheel / Gemma Khawaja
Porchlight Smoker / Neil Bob Herd
Franc Cinelli / Son of Kirk
Pretty Peggy'O / Hope In High Water
Hank Wangford's Big Bass Trio / Amelia Curran
@ The Union Chapel
The Delta Jacks / Anna Lucas & The Wonders
Harry Violet & The Sharks / Blind Samuel
The Vaga Band / The Hog Renderers
Beverly Smith & John Grimm / Samantha Whates
Benjamin Folke Thomas / Siobhan Parr @ The Union Chapel
'WE SHALL OVERCOME!' Miraculous Mule / Alan Tyler & Patrick
Ralla / Jack Sharp / Steve White / Hank Wangford / Morton Valence
Paul-Ronney Angel & Friends / Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou
The Hot Rock Pilgrims / Josh Chandler Morris & Carly Slade /
David CW Briggs
The Sweat / The Franceens
The Barker Band / Ramshackle Union Band
I'm Suzy / Sterling Roswell / Mark Wynn
Wes McGhee / Hollywood Knightz
Jack Sharp (Wolf People) / M.G. Boulter & Samantha Whates
@ The Union Chapel
The Ugly Guys / Margo Cilker Band
The Treetop Flyers / The Blazing Zoos
The Lucky Strikes / Newstargazers
Delaney Davidson / Zachary Lucky / Robert Chaney
Leytonstone Festival What's Cookin' Sunday Picnic with;
King Salami & The Cumberland Three / Onions / Severed Limb /
Oh!Gunquit / Steven James Adams / Simon Stanley Ward / Big Girls /
Cowbell / Graham Larkbey & The Escape Committee
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra / The Kitchen Drinkers
Daniel Meade & The Flying Mules / The Dublo
Stick in the wheel / Vincent Cross / Gemma Khawaja
Legends of Country / Luke Tuchscherer & The Penny Dreadfuls
Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue / Wild Bill
Thin Wire Fence / Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra
The Lords Of Thyme / The Forty Elephant Gang
The Alan Tyler Show
The Fast Camels / The Dublo
Kingsize Slim / The Walkervilles
The Hanging Stars / Big Girls / The Walkervilles
Morton Valence / Dusty Stray
Porchlight Smoker / Hubert Murray
Wes McGhee / Benjamin Folke Thomas
Lucky Strikes / Stick in the Wheel / Littlest Birds @ The Union Chapel
MFC Chicken / The Mobbs
Newstargazers / Davey James
Simon Stanley Ward / Alan Tyler (*Cale Tyson cancelled due to illness)
Mark Olson / Lewis & Leigh
Cowbell / The Big Nasty
King Salami / The Fuzillis / Beach Coma
Steven James Adams / Sugar Magnolia
The Severed Limb / Ghost Town Showdown @ The Union Chapel
Don Gallardo / Tom Blackwell
Little George Sueref
The Malingerers / Tali Trow
The Hallelujah Trails / Hubert Murray
Orphan Colours / Ceri James & The Three Fifths
The Dog Roses / MC Hansen & Jacob Chano
The Most Ugly Child / A&E Oldtime String Band @ The Union Chapel
The Cajun Dawgs / East Lonesome Drifters
Last Of The Barstools / Lewis & Leigh
The Strange Blue Dreams / Les Johnson and Me
Oh! Gunquit / Kingsize Slim / The Newstargazers
Thin Wire Fence / The Cheating Hearts
The Hot Rock Pilgrims / Son Of Kirk @ The Union Chapel
Hank Wangford / Luke Tuchscherer
Simon Stanley-Ward Band / Mick Lynes / Davey James
Daniel Meade & The Flying Mules / Hogie
Co-Pilgrim / Olly Wills
Felix Holt & The Radicals / Legends Of Country / Hallelujah Trails
Lords Of Thyme / Son Of Kirk
The Lucky Strikes / Stick In The Wheel

Past dishes 2015...

... rockin' country fried music...