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Otis Gibbs is a songwriter, storyteller, painter, photographer and planter of 7,176 trees. He once wrestled a bear, and lost. Raised in Wannamaker, Indiana, his raspy vocals and sharp lyrics have had him compared to Steve Earle, Bob Dylan, and early Tom Waits, but his socially conscious writing style also puts him in a line that reaches back to Woody Guthrie and Peter Seeger. He has been described as “The best unknown songwriter in music today.” If you ask him, he’ll simply say he’s a Folk Singer.

He also hosts a podcast called Thanks For Giving Damn which features your favorite musicians, journalists and historians sharing memories, backstage stories and history lessons. His podcast quickly became a cult favorite and lead to him hosting Country Built on Pandora (USA) where Otis tells stories about the history of country music to his 3 million+ subscribers. Growing up in Wanamaker, spending 12 years in East Nashville and has recently returned home to Indianapolis with his long time partner, Amy Lashley.

“Gibbs has been likened to everyone from Guthrie to Springsteen — but his is the rare voice that stands on its own” ESQUIRE
“Man, can this singer tell a story” USA TODAY
"Utterly unique, yet clearly in a delightfully stubborn American line of literate, politically and socially conscious folk artists" ALLMUSIC

Dylan Walshe, was born and raised in Dublin, and went on to hone his craft, as a solo acoustic performer, in London, then Europe, before eventually moving to Nashville, Tennessee. Currently residing in the southern highlands of Black Mountain, in North Carolina. Primarily a singer-songwriter, Dylan also sings traditional songs of the working classes & reinterprets a wide spectrum of songs in his own authentic inimitable style. He has received plaudits from such greats as Christy Moore, who nominated Dylan's work for the Irish Folk Music Awards saying, "Dylan's a wordsmith & a fair chanter, it does my heart good to hear him sing, I love his voice & the way he's using it, he is a true Irish ballad singer & I admire his work". In a world of imitation, image & revivalism, Dylan has lived what he sings. It's music that you will feel first and foremost, then think on it later..

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