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Tré Burt. Based in Sacramento, Tré Burt is a folk singer and songwriter whose descriptive, well-traveled narratives fall in the tradition of American troubadours like Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and John Prine. Prine, in fact, was so struck by his music that he signed Burt to his own Oh Boy imprint and gave the younger singer's debut and give the young singer a national release. Shifting his approach Tre's third album 'Traffic Friction' is inspired by classic soul, country soul and rock.

"Tré Burt blazes his own troubadour path, a powerful and moving debut from a singer poised to become a folk festival mainstay for years to come" Rolling Stone
“Burt’s music expresses an ache for harmony, justice and solidarity. “You, Yeah, You” tells a story about the Sweet Misery and grief that defines our time” NPR
“Burt’s stories, be them freewheeling tales about watching time pass by or hyper-focused political screed, represent a breath of fresh air in the Americana genre” Paste Magazine
“Burt’s album possesses a raw, heart-rending sound, one that will thoroughly absorb you. Prine would be proud” Folk Radio

On his third voyage as Skyway Man, artist + producer James Wallace is still seeking answers beyond the stars and still coming back with more questions in the form of ten brilliant songs. On its surface, Flight of the Long Distance Healer registers as another concept album replete with aliens and alternative philosophy, but this time around, Wallace coats the glass with a vital layer of self-reflection.

Like a West Coast Dr. John—but more preoccupied with flying saucers than voodoo dolls—Skyway Man is in the business of opening new aural worlds, cracking open reality just enough to get the message through. Flight of the Long Distance Healer sparkles and blinks, whispers and moans—hugely enjoyable music rendered in imaginative and gleaming style. There are hints of the polyrhythmic cinematic sensibility from Wallace’s contributions to the Joe Pera television series, rhythms of the Stax-inspired Spacebomb house band, and ripples of the current East Bay scene outside San Francisco. In a real showcase for the extended Skyway Man family, Wallace has coaxed personal and masterful performances from the likes of Erin Rae, Vetiver’s Andy Cabic, pedal steel wizard Spencer Cullum, Kelly McFarling, and more. Cooking up genres in such a way as to keep their nutrients intact, he packs prog, blues, glam rock, acid folk, swamp boogie and future folk into a beautiful Martian bouillon.

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